Freedom Is My Destiny

Tanya McKey

Freedom to speak my truth 

Freedom to create a life I choose

Freedom to do what I like

Freedom to wear what I like

Freedom to love who I love

Freedom to express myself

Freedom to be happy

Freedom to move

Freedom to expand

Freedom to connect

Freedom to be all that I am

Where we feel restricted, either by our own beliefs, societal beliefs, cultural or religious beliefs, the feeling of restriction is our inner voice crying out for expansion, growth, creativity and more connection to self and the world around us. 

This feeling of restriction indicates that we are not in control of our lives and that we are victims to our circumstance. These stories we tell ourselves (an others) is a lie and we keep ourselves stuck by continuing to tell the same story, over and over again. 

When we choose to take our power back, we can no longer use all these beliefs as excuses anymore - the security blanket goes and that's what's really scary. That means that we actually have to take responsibility for ourselves - our feelings, choices and actions. 

We have to get out of our comfort zone, battle our egos and take courageous action to create the freedom, happiness and success we want in life, regardless of what others may think or approve of. This is the only way to feel free.