My approach to working with my clients is to provide my clients with practical solutions that support them in creating the change they want in their lives. 

My role is two-fold: I act as an accountability partner - I don't do the work - they do it. I help them tap into their own inner resources - their own awareness, motivation, will-power and energy to create the change they want to get to their next level. There is a difference in having a vision and taking steps to bring that vision into being and there is a difference in hearing something and then actually doing it.

Through experiential learning, I then support them in acclimating to these changes, as these changes will affect every domain of their lives, including the way they think, relate and work.

Some of these changes can be stressful, overwhelming, scary and cause anxiety, and this is where we work together to keep the end-goal in mind and work through the transition by anticipating what to expect and how to prepare for it both mentally and emotionally.

These tools and frameworks are easy to reapply as we continue to evolve and this is where true empowerment lies - where we can tap into our own resources to create more success and happiness in our lives.